We can take any space in your home and turn it into your dream closet! With our 4 step process we will:

Edit. Go through your closet and purge what you are no longer wearing. We then take an inventory of everything you own and find out how you want to use your space. Do you like your jeans folded or hanging? Do you want to keep your handbags on display or in their dust bags?

Design. With the inventory in hand, we design a custom layout and make sure everything has a home. We can incorporate anything you might need like a make-up vanity or a mini fridge. Want your Birkins to be kept in a temperature controlled cabinet? We can help you with that!

Build. Your custom closet is then built and installed in your home by a team of experts.

Merchandise. Now the fun can begin! Our team will come in and place all your items in their proper home. Our goal is to create a luxurious dressing room where you can easily find everything and feel like you are shopping in a boutique.




Organization services

Already have a custom closet? We can help you tame the clutter and implement organizational tools to help streamline your closet. We can take any closet and turn it into your personal boutique.